• our work

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    Family Relationships Programme

    Child to parent violence programme 2015-current

    Working with families

    experiencing child to parent violence in the home. Commissioned by Restorative Solutions for Cumbria Police and Crime Commission 2015-present

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    Funded by The Sister Gwen Appleton Charitable Trust

    Emotional Health & Wellbeing Arts Workshops 2018-22

    We are delighted to have been awarded funding from The Sister Gwen Appleton Charitable Trust to fun the delivery of creative arts, poetry and writing projects with women on probation. The project book for 2018 was launched on 08/02/2019. The new programme started in spring 2019.

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    Inspiring women and girls

    creative workshops

    Design and delivery of creative workshops to inspire confidence, self esteem and the realisation that everything is possible

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    'Your Life' issue based sessions in Cumbria schools

    Issue based sessions 2019-20

    Delivery of a range of issue based sessions identified by Cumbria Constabulary and schools

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    'You Decide'

    knife awareness workshops

    Delivery of Knife Awareness workshops across Lancashire and Cumbria in schools.


    Our restorative knife awareness programme addresses all aspects of carrying or using a knife.


    The programme can be delivered as workshops in Primary and High Schools or communities or as targeted interventions.


    Please contact us for details.

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    'You Decide'

    Healthy Relationships programme

    Sexting & Healthy Relationships 2019

    Delivering workshops on Sexting and Healthy Relationships in High Schools across Cumbria with the Police for Cumbria Police and Crime Commission

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    'Positive Choices

    Anti-Social Behaviour



    Workshops delivered in primary schools & secondary schools addressing positive decision making to educate children and young people in the impact of getting involved in anti-social behaviour, gangs, serious and organised crime and victim awareness. Funded by for Cumbria Police and Crime Commission

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    serious and organised crime workshops

    Part of the serious and organised crime remit, during 2016-17 we delivered the Liberate Green programme delivered to nearly 4000 young people and adults targeted as being on the cusp of criminality and at risk of being manipulated or used by organised criminal gangs or pursuing, the path towards serious and organised crime. For more information please visit: http://liberate.strikingly.com/

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    'Making Positive Choices'

    Preston 2015

    Anti-Gang and gun crime workshops delivered in 27 Primary Schools in Preston.

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    Re-Write Your Story

    Restorative Music Workshops

    Youth Music funded programme delivering restorative workshops to young people in PRU's, within the criminal justice system on the cusp of criminality. For more information please visit: http://rewriteyourstory.strikingly.com/

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    'Creative uses of RJ'

    how to use restorative practices, creatively

    Training restorative practitioners in torbay on practical uses of restorative approaches using the arts and creative engagement techniques.

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    'Sticks and Stones'

    in partnership with AFC Fylde Community Foundation 2015/16

    Anti-Bullying Workshops delivered in 23 Primary Schools on the Fylde, Lancashire

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    Three Smart Fellas

    Magic , Song and Poetry Performances

    Three Smart Fellas completed a successful run of 'Poetricks' at 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. Three Smart Fellas are managed by Resource Creatives and their productions, performances are available for schools, youth and community groups.

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    Rock fm Arts College

    music, songwriting, dj-ing, presenting

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    'The Backyard Project'

    Summer Arts College

    A restorative arts project with young people at lancashire YOT using Sculpture, art, music, magic, construction skills and accredited by Discover and Bronze Arts Award

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    Creative Workshops

    creative journaling, songwriting, poetry, art

    We ran different workshops with diverse groups os young people  to address issues with Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Identity 


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    Stand Together Against Racism S.T.A.R 

    arts workshops

    Delivery of Arts Workshops in Preston schools to illustrate commitment to the S.T.A.R Stand Together Against Racism ethos for Lancashire YPS 2015

  • Your Life

    A range of issue based interventions, delivered to Cumbria Schools by Resource Creatives, funded by Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner

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    Tackling Knife Crime

    As part of Covid-19 funding to address issues in Cumbria, we were funded to address issues with Knife and weapon crime.


    The purpose of this intervention was to address:

    • Raise young people’s awareness of the need to become accountable for their own behaviours.
    • Make young people aware of the social, health and legal implications of knife crime.
    • Make young people aware of the consequences of their actions.
    • Support young people to understand their role in being responsible for community safety.
    • Raise awareness to young people of the ripple effect of the impact of their actions on their own short and long-term futures and that of their communities.
    • Making the community a safer place by reducing knife crime.
    We were commissioned to work with 10 young people remotely. 19 young people were referred. We worked with 11 young people across Cumbria aged 10-17,
    5 refused the opportunity and 2 were oversubscribed.
    Delivery was digital and face to face in situations where we could enter schools.
    There are sadly increasing issues in Cumbria with young people using or carrying knives/weapons and we hope to continue to deliver this intervention in schools in the near future

    The films we used to support this intervention can be found on our resources page: 'It's Your Life' and Liberate was used for years 10+ http://www.resourcecreatives.co.uk/#resources

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    Your Life


    A new project funded by Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and delivered by Resource Creatives across Cumbria to May 2020. The funding will be used to deliver an range of preventative interventions for young people within schools and or Pupil Referral Units to help them stay safe and make positive life decisions. The grant will work with Cumbria Constabulary to identify schools and or Pupil Referral Units that would benefit most from this project. Resource Creatives will work with Cumbria Constabulary to identify the topics of the programmes to be delivered according to individual needs.


    Our offer is to deliver sessions that can be delivered in single or multiple sessions to 16 Primary or High Schools across Cumbria as identified by the Police as most in need of this intervention instead of a set number of schools.


    The sessions we can offer have been identified by schools and police from evaluations from previous delivery of issue based projects in Cumbria Schools and is in line with the Police and Crime Commissioners Plan.

    1. Knife crime and the implications of carrying a knife
    2. Bullying and Respect
    3. Healthy relationships.  How to move away from poor friendships that are leading to anti-social behaviour.
    4. On-line safety
    5. County Lines.
    6. Mental health and well being
    7. Sexual Consent
    8. Gaming
    9. Self Esteem

    Session subjects can be amalgamated and tailored to meet individual school need.

    Project contact: Jane Wignall

    Mobile: 07970687254

    Email: jane@resourcecreatives.co.uk

    Website: www.resourcecreatives.co.uk

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    taking part


    West Lakes Academy: Knife awareness

    Barrow PRU: Knife Awareness

    Shap Primary: What is bullying; kind or

    unkind actions. Healthy and Unhealthy


    St Bernards: Knife Awareness

    Furness Academy: Knife Awareness

    Appleby Primary: Healthy and Unhealthy


    Netherhall: Knife Awareness

    Appleby Grammar: Sexting, Keeping Safe

    Online, & what constitutes ‘consent’

    Richard Rose Central Academy: Bullying,

    Respect healthy and unhealthy


    *Morland Primary: Healthy and unhealthy

    relationships, bullying,

    *Long Marton Primary: Healthy and

    unhealthy relationships, bullying,

    *Crosby Ravensworth Primary: Healthy

    and unhealthy relationships, bullying,

    *Bolton Primary: Healthy and unhealthy

    relationships, bullying,

    Whitehaven Academy: Knife awareness

    West Cumbria Learning Centre: Knife


    UTC: Knife Awareness

    William Howard

    Queen Katherine

    Workington Academy


    *school's delivered together



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    Teachers Feedback


    The sessions have been really well received

    by the students.

    Absolutely brilliant. Our students often

    ‘play up’ for visitors or new staff, all pupils

    were respectful and engaged, this was a

    testament to the way Andy spoke to pupils

    and showed them respect from the offset.

    Thank you ever so much for coming to

    School, the children enjoyed having you.

    Nice to hear a discussion led from a different

    source than teaching staff.

    Very entertaining and encouraging, valuing

    all children’s responses.

    Workshops were brilliant keep us in mind

    for any others!

    I really enjoyed it, Andy was a brilliant guest

    speaker who had us all engaged throughout.

    The sessions went really well. We would

    love the opportunity to work with you again

    in the future.

    As always Andy was great and the kids

    responded really well to the sessions.

    Right from the start he had their full

    attention, which can be quite hard with this

    age group (yr 9)

    It was very informative and showed

    students actual facts of what WILL happen

    if they decide to get involved with gangs.

    Thank you for the opportunity and bear us

    in mind for any future sessions.

    Learned about – legal implications and

    ideas to help identify students in difficulty

    Thank you for your support in helping to

    arrange this programme for us today. Andy

    did a fab job, it was very worthwhile and on

    the whole it was well received by out


    Great, good for those going to Primary’s

    Really engaging, spoke at the right level for

    the pupils

    Andy was very calm and delivered the

    workshop well to the students who were

    willing to listen. He was very well prepared.

    The film was a good resource to engage

    students and allow them chance to ask




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    Information for schools, parent/carers, police.

    You can download a copy of our resources for Knife Awareness here. There are links to the films used within the presentation. The Liberate film is for years 10+ https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/34d32ec4-7651-4901-a416-7261fce172fa/Knife Awareness Resource Creatives 2019-20.pptx?id=235699

    The films we used can be found on our resources page, we used 'It's Your Life' and Liberate was used for years 10+ http://www.resourcecreatives.co.uk/#resources

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    Children & Young People Feedback

    Real life scenarios and outcomes for the future.

    Criminal ages.

    You can get arrested for carrying a knife.

    Gang mentality.

    All pupils engaged with the workshops, everyone came into their

    next classes talking discussing the content and making positive

    comments. Students talked about knife crimes.

    Bullies intend to bully.

    Types of bullying.

    Being kind is best.

    What a healthy/unhealthy relationship is.

    They had chance to question their own behaviour, and to decide

    if it was kind/unkind.

    The ripple effect of our actions.

    Thoughts, feelings and facial expressions of others during

    story board.

    The law on knife crime.

    Positive choices.

    The speaker had held their attention throughout, the students

    were willing to answer and ask questions.

    It’s serious being found with a knife on you.

    There are dangerous outcomes to carrying a knife, even if you’re

    not planning to use it, it’s more likely to happen if you’re carrying a


    Pupils have since referred to the session when discussing healthy

    relationships in class and have taken on board the intended


    Don’t get involved

    Be kind to others

    Don’t hang around in gangs

    Supported existing knowledge but added legal implication

    which most were not aware of.

    To think about how things they say and do can affect other people.

    To deal with their own issues.

    To support each other and to try and be nice to others.

    That we are in control of our own futures and not to let others

    influence in the wrong way.

    To be kind.

    Lot’s of questions at the end of the session.

    Age of criminal responsibility

    The impact carrying a knife can have on families.

    Do not carry knives or weapons of any kind.

    To think twice about their actions.

    Not to get involved in gangs.

    Not to carry a knife.


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    Information for schools, parent/carers, police.

    You can download a copy of our resources for Sexting & Healthy Relationships here. The Liberate film is for years 10+ https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/34d32ec4-7651-4901-a416-7261fce172fa/Sexting and Healthy Relationships.pptx?id=235702

  • One to One Support

    for children and young people disengaged in education

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    One to One Support

    Our lead practitioner Andy Winters is a behavioural and engagement specialist who provides one to one support for children and young people disengaged from education. Please contact us for details.

  • about

    Resource Creatives are a collective of restorative trainers, educators and creative practitioners with wide ranging experience working across the youth justice, education, community sectors and secure estates.


    We design and deliver restorative, issue based projects and programmes using creative arts based mediums working with artists, musicians and creatives across all sectors.


    Resource Creatives are committed to working as a social enterprise, creating and delivering projects that will make a difference in the lives of children, young people, adults and families We reinvest by supporting emerging creatives who want to work in the social sector, distributing our resources freely and supporting local communities.


    We are all fully insured with current DBS. We also support emerging creatives.

    Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.

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    Butler Trust Commendation

    In 2011 Jane Wignall and Andy Winters were awarded a Butler Trust Commendation for their work at Lancashire Youth Offending Team by engaging young people in the arts. Work included 'It's Your Life', knife awareness programme,

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    Project design, delivery and Project Management

    We work on bespoke projects or commissions, contact us to find out more

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    Restorative Justice

    We integrate RJ practices and approaches within all our projects and work closely with experienced RJ professionals

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    We work with artists with a range of skills, who we use will depend on the project, and their availability.

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    we can arrange author visits

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    Emerging creatives

    We are keen to support emerging poets, performers, musicians and artists who want to start working with children and young people. Where possible we build opportunities for training and working with us into our projects.

  • interventions & resources

    We design, deliver and project manage creative issue based workshops, programmes & resources using the arts, sport and restorative approaches with children, young people, adults and families

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    Working with Women and Girls

    Creative workshops

    Building self esteem and confidence, exploring issues, working with families together

    Anti-Bullying film

    creative issue based workshops

    We design, create, deliver and project manage issue based workshops, programmes, projects and resources and aim to embed restorative approaches and arts award into all our work. Our projects page has several examples of our work, please take a look.


    We work in partnership or on a commission basis across all sectors with children, young people, adults and practitioners in schools, statutory, voluntary, community, workplace and criminal justice sectors.

    'Liberate' Film

    addressing serious and organised crime

    Part of the serious and organised crime remit, supporting young people targeted as being on the cusp of criminality and at risk of being manipulated or used by organised criminal gangs or pursuing, the path towards serious and organised crime. To make referrals or for more information please visit: http://liberate.strikingly.com/

    'It's Your Life' knife awareness film

    script writers and film producers

    'It's Your Life' a film about knife awareness. We have an accompanying resource, please contact us for details.

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    Restorative Approaches and Practices

    restorative practices and approaches are embedded into all our work where possible and relevant. 

    Many of our team are restorative justice practitioners and we work in partnership with the creator of the Writing Wrongs restorative resource. www.writing-wrongs.org

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    we create bespoke resources and publications

    • Liberate - tackling serious and organised crime
    • 'Sticks and Stones' - anti-bullying peer mentoring resource
    • 'Making Positive Choices' - anti-gang training resource
    • Creative Ways with RJ - resources for using Restorative Practices
    • Case Studies - resources for use with restorative approaches
    • Engagement techniques
    • Learning Styles questionnaires for creative projects
    • Arts Award resources for embedding Restorative Practices
    • 'It's Your Life'- knife crime awareness resource
    • 'stART' films:
    • - It's your Life
    • - 'Our Preston'
    • - Make it happen'
    • stART - a book of art, poetry and creative writing by young offenders


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    Arts Award

    arts award centre

    Most projects, programmes and workshops we create are designed to include Arts Award.  Arts Award is open for any young person aged 5-25, please contact us for details.

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    Magic Workshops

    increasing confidence, self esteem and listening skills 

  • A book of art, creativity, writing, photography & poetry

    created in 2018 with women resident at

    Edith Rigby House Approved Premises in Preston

    This project was funded by

    The Sister Gwen Appleton Charitable Trust

  • Arts and RJ 2017 book

    Resource Creatives article is on pages 45-48


  • associations and opportunities

    Team members, CPD or Volunteering opportunities

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    Child to Parent Violence Programme Team


    We are inviting practitioners and emerging practitioners to contact us regarding an opportunity to join us to deliver child to parent violence programmes in Cumbria during 2017-19. Experience of working with young people or families is essential and full training in the programme will be given. Please contact Jane for further details. jane@resourcecreatives.co.uk

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    Creative issue based programmes

    North West

    We support emerging artists and practitioners and are always look for bright new talent to join us and work on new and existing projects. Take a look around the site and if you think you would be interested in joining our team as a freelancer, please contact Jane for further details. jane@resourcecreatives.co.uk

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    Arts Award Centre


    Where possible we embed Arts Award within our programmes at all levels from Discover to Gold, http://www.artsaward.org.uk/Please contact Jane for further details. jane@resourcecreatives.co.uk

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    Jane Wignall is an Associate member of the Restorative Justice Council and abide by the Restorative Justice code of practice: https://restorativejustice.org.uk/resources/rjc-practitioner-code-practice


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    Resource Creatives are an Associate members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance

  • Arts Award

    Resource Creatives are proud to support Arts Award, please contact us for details on how you can get involved

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    We are an Arts Award Supporter


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    We deliver all levels of Arts Award


  • Connect With Us

    take a look at our resources on youtube and pinterest and connect with us on twitter and linkedin

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  • contact us

    How can we help? Please send us a message below or

    Call 07970 687254 Email jane@resourcecreatives.co.uk